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Ringworm Cure


Since ringworm is actually a fungal infection and not really a worm, using antifungal creamsgels and pills will help to cure whatever type of ringworm you have. There are medications you can purchase over the counter and for more severe cases of ringworm you can consult with your doctor for a prescription to treat the type of ringworm you have since it comes in many forms.

Healing with Creams and Ointments

The majority of ringworm cases on the skin; such as jock itch and athlete’s foot, can be treated using a cream or an ointment that can be applied directly to your skin to help kill the fungi. These are known as topical antifungals and most can be obtained without getting a prescription. Some of the brand names of this type of treatment are Mycelex, Tinactin, Lamisil and Micatin.

If you have used the antifungal creams and ointments and the fungi still has not gone away, you might need to take an oral treatment such as antifungal pills. These can include azoles, griseofulvin, and alylamines. Some of their brand names are Diflucan, Lamisil and Grifulvin V.

Once you begin your treatment the ringworm might start to clear up, however, it is vital that you continue on the medication that you are using for about two to four weeks to make sure the entire infection is gone and that it will not come back at a later date.
Your doctor will give you instructions that you need to follow for the medication type you will be taking.

Timely Action

It is important that you treat your ringworm as soon as symptoms appear because if it is left untreated the skin will become more irritated and in some cases skin blisters or cracks can occur on the skin. When this happens they can become infected because of the bacteria that get in them and for that you would have to begin taking antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

The more severe and widespread the ringworm becomes the harder it will be for you to treat it effectively.

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  1. Because I have ringworms on my neck and chest , it’s probable my husband will,get it too, can I get it back from him then? Can it go back and forth between us?

  2. That’s an interesting question. Well, the short answer is: Yes! You can definitely contract it again from your husband. That’s why it is important that you both get rid of it as soon as you can.

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