Ringworm Signs


Depending on the type of ringworm you have will depend on what type of signs and symptoms you will see and feel. You might have an infection on your feet, the groin area, and your scalp or in various places on your body. Generally ringworm is not serious unless it is left untreated for an extended period of time.

Some of the signs you will see from ringworm are:

  • Raised, scaly, red patches – These patches will often appear as a round shaped ring of red while the inside of the rash will remain clear. This is where the name ringworm comes from. Exposure to the sun can make the rash more severe and itchy.
  • Itching rash – Not all ringworm rashes have the same round shape; some will simply looking like nothing more than a skin rash. Consult your doctor to rule out any other skin conditions before beginning treatment for ringworm.
  • Bald spots – If you have the condition on your scalp or in the beard area, there will generally be some hair loss in the area. The same occurs if an animal of any type develops ringworm.
  • Burn-looking rashes – Some of the rashes that appear on the scalp or on animals will look much like a burn from a cigarette on the skin.
  • Discoloration – If you have a nail fungus infection, your nails will become discolored, thicker and cracked. The nails can begin to crumble and fall apart when the fungus is apparent.

Some types of ringworm will have the same appearance as eczema or psoriasis so it is important that when you have any type of rash or skin disorder you check with your doctor to make sure you get the correct treatment for the condition that you have. Your doctor can help you decide what treatment option is right for you.

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