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Ringworm Symptoms

The symptoms of ringworm are dependent on body location. That is, different outbreaks of the fungal infection on the body are going to take on different appearances and characteristics. But there are some common elements among many of the general outbreaks of the fungal infection; here, we hope to help you understand some of the basic symptoms of most common ringworm infections.

Ringworm How To Spot It

Typically, the skin discoloration is red; however it’s not uncommon for there to be a brown color in the case of jock itch and athlete’s foot. The fungus may also cause shedding or falling away of dead skin. When there is ample dampness and darkness, as in jock itch or athlete’s foot, there may also be a pungent odor associated with the outbreak.

Generally speaking the tinea families of fungi infections, or ringworm, are associated with discoloredscaly patches of skin which may or may not have small pimples or puss filled sores. The fungal infections are almost always associated with discomfort if they are located in the groin or foot (jock itch or athletes foot), and in cases of conditions of the scalp, bald patches may occur.

Ringworm Ring, Signs

There is no true associative age typical with any of the infections; however, tinea capitis and tinea facieia have been shown to appear in certain segments of the population. Specifically, tinea capitis shows in children in their late childhood and adolescence, and tinea faciei has two population peaks, one in children (associated with their contact to pets), and the other in adults between the ages of 20 to 40 (no known reasons for the outbreak in this population).

While most of the tinea family of skin fungi infections relate directly to the epidermis, one, tinea unguiuim, is associated with the nails of the hands and foot. Tinea unguiuim appears as brittle, yellow, crackling nails which flake or crumble easily. Tinea unguiuim has been found to result from untreated Tinea pedis. As they are fungi, the tinea family thrives in darkmoist conditions. This explains some of the why that the onset of jock itch or athlete’s foot becomes such an uncomfortable ordeal. When the tinea fungus growth is in the open air, such as classic ringworm, barbers itch, or conditions of the scalp, the resultant discomfort is apparent, yet not as severe.

Symptoms of a ringworm infection can easily be misdiagnosed with other types of skin rashes which may cause an ineffective treatment to be applied. If you think you have any of the symptoms of ringworm: discolored patchy segments of the skin, an itching sensation, cracked, flaky skin, or signs of puss filled nodules on the skin, then you may be suffering some form of a tinea fungal infection. Contact your doctor for further testing and plan an appropriate course of action.

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