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About Ringworms


If you see a skin ringworm you often cannot be sure that you are really looking at the real one.
But as with everything else, after some time you will learn how to recognize its typical features and forms.

Ringworm, or Dermatophytosis in Latin, is known especially by its reddish – violet – purple color tones running in circle or coil patterns accompanied with the flakes or damaged skin.

Ringworm Explained

The next section is dedicated to the history of ringworm, origin and evolution throughout the time.
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Many medical statistics indicate that this skin disease affects more men than women.
However this is to be take with a grain of salt as these reports do not show all the factors.
Any woman is also very likely to “catch” a ringworm if her lifestyle exposes her to the same dangers as a male’s one.

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There are many various interpretations of the ringworm categories and types. To see the most common classifications of ringworms and various ringworm types used in the medical world, please, refer to Ringworm Types >>.