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Ringworm Prevention


Ringworm is a condition that is extremely difficult to prevent.
The fungi that are responsible for causing ringworm are very contagious and common before symptoms ever appear.
But, you can help reduce your risk of getting ringworm by following the steps listed below.

Prevent Ringworm Infection

  • Education

    Proper education about ringworm is the key to keep from getting it in the first place. Know what the risks are and how you can get it from other people and pets. Talk to your children and make sure they understand what to look for and how to keep from getting ringworm themselves.

  • Stay clean 

    Good hygiene is important in preventing ringworm. Shower every day and when getting out make sure that you dry your skin completely before getting dressed. Make sure to change your underwear and socks every single day.

  • Loose fitting clothes

    Wear clothes that are loose fitting and made of cotton. This includes your undershirt, pants, underwear and panty hose. Don’t let sweat and moisture to be captured on your body!

  • Dry completely

    After showering always allow yourself to air dry a little after you have dried with your towel. Do not get dressed before you are completely dry. If you want to, you can even use a hair dryer to dry your skin (set it on the cool setting, of course). After you shower, dry your feet last to keep any type of fungi from spreading across the rest of your body.

  • Don’t share personal items

    Never share your personal items like clothes, towels, hair brush, combs, sports equipment or sheets. This is a general rule and it also applies to family members, couples or close friends.

  • Avoid going barefoot

    If you are a member of a gym or you swim a lot and take a shower on site, you should always wear sandals or flip flops to protect your feet. Fungi grow in warm, moist places and public swimming pools and locker rooms are crawling with the fungi. Make sure your feet are protected before you go in to shower.

  • Shower after sports 

    This should be obvious. If you play a sport where you come in contact with other people such as basketball or football always shower as soon afterward as possible. There are still some people (especially guys) out there that skip this essential habit.

  • Check your pets 

    If you notice that your pet has any patches of hair missing it might be a sign of ringworm. This can be spread to you and your family so you should have your pet checked at the vet to ensure its safety. Your vet can prescribe something for your pet if they are infected with the ringworm fungi.

If you think you might have been exposed to someone or to a pet that has ringworm or to the ringworm infection, start treatment immediately and wash all of your clothing in fungicidal soap.

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